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Four Hotel Jobs That Can Help You With Your Professional Career

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When you think of a hotel job, you may think of a position that will get you by until you finish college or find another job you are more suited for. The truth is there are several hotel jobs that can actually boost your career path and get you into the professional job you are looking for. Here are four of those jobs that you should consider and can get with little to no experience.

Night Auditor

A night auditor handles the billing for the day, runs reports showing the transactions that occurred during the day, makes sure all reports print out, and delivers those reports to the proper offices in the hotel. In addition to running the nightly audit reports, you may also deal with handling guest customer service, check-outs, and some minor issues that occur during the night. This is the ideal position for someone wanting to venture into accounting, payroll, or auditing.

Front Desk Clerk

You may not think of a front desk clerk position as one that would lead to a professional career. If you want to go into hotel and motel management, this may be the ideal place to start. This is the position that will allow you to move up in the front end of the hotel, move into management positions, and shine for your ability to deal with customer relations and issues. If you are concerned with a more administrative career, then the customer service experience you gain as a front desk clerk will help give you the background to move up in administration in other jobs.

Human Resources

Larger hotel chains will have slots in human resources available at their larger hotels. For example, if you live near a large city you may find that a hotel chain has a district office. This office will likely have a place in human resources where you will be dealing with payroll, hiring, firing, and other related issues. This can be the ideal stepping stone to a career as a human resources director or manager for larger companies, or in hotel and motel management administration.

Culinary Line

Larger hotels tend to have room service, continental breakfasts, and a dinner menu in a hotel based restaurant. If you want a culinary career, then taking a line position in this environment could open doors for you. It shows that you have experience in a fast paced industry and cooking on a line, and if you move up it can show that you have the experience you need to head up luxury restaurants as well.

These positions may not seem like much now, but if you are planning a career in these fields, then they may be ideal. Talk to a hotel like Mt. Laurel La Quinta Inn to learn more about the positions that may be available.