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Your Choice Of Inn Can Make All The Difference In Your Trip To The Desert Southwest This Spring

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Your hotel can make or break your trip to the desert southwest this spring. By choosing an inn that provides the amenities you need and is in the location that is best for your needs, you can maximize your enjoyment on your upcoming vacation. When searching for a good western inn with the right amenities for you, keep these important factors in mind. 

Desert Southwest Allergens are High in Spring - Your Inn Can Help

Temperatures in the desert southwest don't get as cold as they do in some other regions, even in winter. This means that the growing and flowering season for some grasses and other plants can be very long, and pollen and other allergens can be problematic from very early into the spring season. If you are an allergy sufferer, maximizing your comfort on your trip will naturally be a priority.

You can do this by staying at an inn that provides the most hypoallergenic accommodations possible. Look for inns that ensure climate controlled rooms, hypoallergenic sheets and bed coverings, mattress and pillow protectors, and sheets and comforters with high quality thread counts. In addition, some inns offer guests the option of staying in a room with hard floors made of Spanish tile or hardwood. Inns with features like this can provide the most allergen-free room possible, ensuring that guests can sleep well and rise refreshed the next day. 

Location is Everything

The desert southwest can be a very big, very spread out place. If you're hoping to hit a multitude of destinations on your trip, the best way to avoid spending the entire vacation in the car is to pick an inn in centralized area between the most important destinations you plan to visit. Choosing an inn along a freeway in an urban area will ensure that you have access to restaurants, gas stations and bars, while also providing quick and easy access to out-of-the-way destinations. 

You'll Want a Pool and a Hot Tub

Sure, it's warm during the day in the desert southwest--even in early spring--but in the dry desert air, it can get quite chilly at night. You may already be planning to swim in the hot afternoon sun, but what you may not realize is that you'll be wanting a hot tub by evening. If you enjoy swimming as well as nighttime soaking, look for an inn that provides both a pool and a hot tub. 

Keep all these factors in mind as you pick the inn where you'll be staying on your vacation. Picking the right inn for you will help ensure that your trip to the desert southwest is fun as well as relaxing. For more information, contact the Cow Palace Inn or a similar location.