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Why It Might Be Better To Book Your Room Directly With The Hotel

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There are numerous websites people use to help them locate and book hotel rooms for discount prices, but is using one of these websites the best way to do this? While this is the popular method for booking hotel rooms, it might not actually be the best method for you. Many hotels actually prefer direct bookings, though, and a lot of them are now giving incentives to people that book directly. Here are three incentives you might find if you book your next hotel room directly with the hotel.

Lower price

Most people are very interested in saving money on things like hotel rooms, but using a discount site might not get you the best rate. Each time a person books a room with one of these websites, the hotel must pay a fee to the website. This fee is usually in the form of a commission, which can be between 10% to 25% of the room price. Because of this, you might actually be able to get the same room for a cheaper price if you call the hotel directly.

You can even tell them what the rate was online, and they may offer you the room at that rate, or they may give you a certain percentage or dollar amount of your room.

Free things

Not only could you possibly get the room cheaper, but you may also end up getting free things by booking your room directly. This could include free Wi-Fi or keyless entry to your room or it may include one or more of the following incentives:

  • Free breakfast
  • Free meal from the hotel restaurant
  • Free drinks
  • In-room incentives, such as a bottle of wine or chocolates
  • Access to exercise room
  • Upgraded room
  • Premium cable channels

You will not qualify for things like this if you use a discount hotel room website, and this is primarily because you will not speak to a hotel representative when making the reservation. On the other hand, if you call the hotel and speak to someone there, he or she might simply offer these amenities to you with your booking. If not, you could always ask for an incentive of some kind.

Finding the best deal on a hotel room is often easiest to do by calling a hotel directly. If you would like to book a room or find out prices on rooms for a certain night, call a hotel.