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How To Plan Your First Successful Special Event

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If you are planning a special event, a hotel may be the perfect venue to host it. Hotels can provide banquet and conference rooms of different sizes and with a wide variety of amenities to meet your needs. Whether you will be hosting a small business meeting, a large fundraiser, a dinner, a wedding, or another function, a good hotel can help you with all of the details. Even if you have never hosted a special event before, a hotel can help you plan and execute it with great success. Here are some considerations and questions to ask when planning an event at a hotel: 

  • Audio-Visual Equipment - Many hotel banquet and conference rooms are equipped with audio-visual equipment such as screens, projectors, microphones, computer monitors, and audio systems. If you will be presenting an audio-visual program at your event, ask to see the specific equipment provided so that you will know what equipment you need to rent or bring with you. 
  • Connectivity - If you are planning to communicate with an off-site location during your event, check to see that the hotel is equipped with internet access and a Wi-Fi network for remote conferencing and communications. Ask if there will be an additional connection fee if you access this network. Also, ask for the exact location of all electrical outlets and computer ports, as well as the Wi-Fi access numbers. 
  • Catering - Hotel banquet and conference rooms may be rented with or without catering. If the hotel is catering your event discuss the menu with their special events manager for meal choices and costs. If beverages will be served, the hotel can offer a hosted or non-hosted bar with or without alcohol. Hotels will often alter or customize their menu to accommodate your needs and budget. If the hotel allows it, you also have the option of having an outside company cater food and beverages. Discuss all of this with the hotel's special events manager. 
  • Lighting - Lighting is extremely important when hosting a special event. Hotel banquet and conference rooms are equipped for either the bright lights of a business meeting or the dramatic lights of a gala banquet. A hotel can set up their room to your specifications and needs and also provide a lighting technician during your event if desired. 

A good hotel can be the perfect location when planning a special event. Hotels have hosted numerous special events and can think of options and details that you have not considered. Contact the special events manager at the hotel and have an on-site meeting to plan your event. A good hotel can help you make your special event a memorable success.