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Why Hotels Continue To Be A Good Option For Travelers

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When you are about to travel, one of the questions people will ask you is "where are you staying?" Ten years ago, this question could be assumed to mean "which hotel are you staying in?" But things have changed. People now stay in apartments, entire houses, hostels, and many other kinds of accommodations. Does this mean hotels are obsolete? Not at all! They still offer some distinct benefits for travelers.

You can walk in and book a room

You can't just walk into an apartment that is available for short-term rental and rent it. You can't do this with cottages or full houses, either. While you can book rooms in advance at a hotel (and doing so is a good idea), you also have the option of just showing up, walking up to the front desk, and booking a room. This makes hotels a great option when you're driving long distances and are not sure where you'll want to stop each night. You don't have to plan ahead as extensively.

There is always reception staff available

When you stay at a private apartment or home, there's not typically someone there to help with various needs that might come up. At a hotel, however, there are almost always reception staff available 24 hours a day. If you need to call a taxi, they can help. If you don't know how to work the thermostat in your room, they can help with that, too. It's nice to know there's someone you can depend on when you're in an unfamiliar city.

Hotels are more secure

Hotels almost always have security staff. They also have great locks, and the locks on the individual rooms are designed to keep you safe. Other accommodation options come with varied security features. A private apartment owner is probably not going to hire a security guard, and while there might be deadbolts on the locks, there's no guarantee of this. Plus, others may have keys to those locks — you just don't know.

You know what to expect

When you stay at an alternative accommodation, you never quite know what to expect. The space may be smaller than you thought. The kitchen may or may not have what you need. At a hotel, the experience is a lot more consistent and you know what to expect. When you're away from home, surprises are not necessarily a good thing, and there are fewer surprises at hotels.

Staying in a hotel is not old-fashioned or outdated. It can be a great choice for travelers of all sorts.