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5 Reasons To Make Direct Hotel Bookings This Summer

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If you're trying to save some money on your next family vacation this summer, make direct hotel bookings instead of resorting to travel agents. Although many people like to book their own hotels when traveling, not all of them realize that booking directly from the hotel can save them a lot of money on everything from room rates to food and entertainment. If you want to get the most out of your trip this summer, it's time to make some direct hotel bookings and reap the benefits!

1. You Can Tailor-Make Your Stay

Booking directly gives you more options and freedom; not only can you choose where to stay and where to eat, but you can also schedule extra activities for yourself or your family—and get some true rest between sightseeing.

Tailor-making gives you the advantage of controlling your schedule. You only stay for the days you need and can leave when you want. You can go and come as you want without consulting anyone else.

2. Negotiate Special Discounts and Price Guarantees

Many hotels will discount their rooms for direct bookings (either at time of reservation or time of check-in), but only if they know they won't be losing money on your stay. You can also get a guarantee your price won't change during peak season. 

3. Flexible Cancellations

You may find it hard to cancel or change your reservation, meaning you could be locked into dates you might have preferred otherwise. With direct hotel bookings, however, you can cancel at any time without penalty and often without paying a cancellation fee. 

The flexibility of direct hotel bookings is a definite plus for travelers wanting more control over their travel schedule - and ultimately, their vacation.

4. Easier for Special Requests in Diet, Room Position, or Entertainment

Hotels are more likely to accommodate any special requests when you book directly with them. If you're looking for an authentic and unique experience, you'll want a hotel that can cater to your needs. 

In order to guarantee exactly what type of stay you're looking for, it's best practice to book directly through their website rather than an online booking site or agency.

5. Avoid Problems with "Missed" Reservations

How many times have you arrived at your destination only to find your reservation is missing? This problem is common when you use a travel agent. But if you book directly with a hotel, there's no need to worry about missed reservations. You can simply go straight to reception and check-in as usual.

Booking a hotel is easier than ever before, and it comes with several benefits including reduced costs and flexible arrangements. Contact your preferred hotel and find out how many benefits you can extract using direct hotel bookings.

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