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The Art Of Getting The Most From Booking A Hotel Room

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When it comes time to reserve a hotel room, you'll want to get the most from the deal. There is a small artform to booking, so here are some tips for doing it well.

Balance Features vs. Cost-Effectiveness

People often book a hotel based purely on price. This can be an invitation to disappointment. You want to balance the available amenities and features against cost-effectiveness. If you're not going to have time to leave the hotel for breakfast, for example, the available meal services included when you book a hotel room can make a difference. Wi-Fi, swimming pools, high-quality showers, large beds, and gorgeous views are all features worth balancing against the price.

Check Photos Elsewhere

Every business that lets you reserve a hotel will put its best foot forward with its pictures. Even third-party booking sites send professional photographers to stage rooms and make everything look amazing. Look for photos elsewhere. For example, most map apps have street views so use those to see what the neighborhood looks like on a random day. This will give you a better sense of what the location is like and how the hotel really looks.

Ignore Pressure-Based Sales Pitches

Major hotel chains have algorithms that create a false sense of scarcity. You will frequently see claims when you try to reserve a hotel room through their websites that only a few rooms are left. Unless there's a huge event happening that weekend, the odds are low that this is true. It is likely a high-pressure sale pitch to convince you that you need to book a hotel room right now or you'll lose it.

Book Early

Pricing tends to go up as you get closer to specific dates. This is because hotels start to know what their exact situations are going to be. If they have a slow stretch, they might take some rooms offline for maintenance or renovations. If they have a heavy stretch, they may raise rates to take advantage of the demand. Also, it's just in the hotel's interest to bank payments as early as possible.

Ask About Deals and Upgrades

If you have a reason that might justify an upgrade or deal, don't be afraid to ask. People who are traveling in groups, for example, shouldn't hesitate to ask for group rates. A couple on their honeymoon might be able to get an upgrade to a nicer suite at no charge, especially if they book on a slow weekend. If your company regularly travels to a particular city, let the hotel business know you're open to repeated stays for a discounted rate.

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