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3 Advantages Of A Cabernet Hotel Package For Wine Tours

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A visit to the Napa Valley includes a wide range of hotel options. The hotel package you book can make a big difference in your overall experience and the time you spend while on vacation. As you plan wine tours and an exploration of the Napa Valley area, consider booking a Cabernet hotel package for your stay.

The package includes a wide range of extras for couples and has multiple benefits associated with wine tours. Check out some of the benefits and how you can fully take advantage of a Cabernet lodging package.

1. Less Waiting To Enjoy Wine

As you arrive for your wine tour vacation, you may have to wait until later in the day or the next day to fully start your tour. With a Cabernet hotel package, you have the opportunity to drink wine right away. The package will include a full bottle of wine that is all chilled and ready to serve right in your hotel room.

You do not need to wait until your tour before you enjoy a glass of wine. The wine is often hand-picked by the hotel and offers an ideal way to start the vacation. Instead of a small taste of the wine, you can enjoy as much as you want.

2. Food Add-On Options

Pair the wine with some nice food and snacks. Many of the packages will include food options either as part of the package or as an option add-on. For example, you could purchase a package that includes a charcuterie box with cheeses and meats. With the food add-on, your experience can begin right in the hotel room.

You do not need to rush to a restaurant or make food reservations right away. The food will pair well with the wine.

3. Instant Souvenirs

When you purchase a Cabernet lodging package, you have the chance to take home some souvenirs without the need to visit a gift shop. You could take the wine bottle that comes with your room and bring it home to enjoy as a special treat in the future. The package may also include special souvenirs like hotel-branded items like towels or notepads.

The extras added to the package really increase the value and eliminate the need to make any special purchases while you go on a wine tour. When you book the package, view all the extras it comes with and see what potential souvenirs you could take home.

Book a Cabernet lodging package online to see all of the options and what days are available to fit with the wine tour you book.