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Five Good Reasons To Rent A Cabin This Summer

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If you're starting to plan for your summer vacation, you know that accommodations can eat up a large part of your vacation budget. The average nightly rate for a hotel room in the United States is $121.00, and that rate has been steadily increasing every year. One way to help curb your lodging costs is to rent a cabin. However, saving money is just one of the many reasons to consider a cabin rental for your summer family vacation.

Benefits of renting a cabin vs a hotel room

1. You'll have more room. Cabins generally have more living space than a typical hotel room. This can help every member of the family enjoy the vacation in his or her own way, rather than everyone having to go to bed when the youngest members of the family do.

2. You can save on meals. Most cabins have some sort of kitchen. Many even have full kitchens with full-size refrigerators and ranges. This can help you save money on meals by allowing you to cook breakfast and snacks in the cabin. That way you can use your food allowance for special restaurant meals, not just to get the group something to eat in the morning.

3. You'll likely save money. Many times cabins are less expensive than hotel rooms. Even when they are not, the extra room in cabins can often accommodate a larger family when you'd have to get two rooms in a hotel. In addition, you generally don't have to pay to park near a cabin as you do at many big city hotels.

4. You have a private entrance. Most cabins have their own outdoor entrance. That means you don't have to walk through a formal hotel lobby after a trip to the beach or the woods, when you're not dressed in your "Sunday best." A private entrance also lets you get tired kids to bed more easily than having to carry them up on the elevator or down long hotel corridors.

5. You'll have a scenic setting. Most cabins are located near natural beauty, such as in the woods or near a beach. When you choose a big city hotel, you may end up with a parking lot view or a view of the building next door.

While renting a cabin may not be the right choice for every family vacation, this type of lodging offers more room, offers more flexibility, is often cheaper and can even help you save money on meals. Cabin rental is certainly an option worth considering.