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Check To See If Your Oceanview Hotel Offers These Specific Attributes

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One of the best things about visiting a city on the ocean is staying at a hotel that truly embodies its location. When you're scouting out hotels in the city that you plan to visit, there are a number of amenities to consider. For example, whether you're staying with a few people or you anticipate a lengthy hotel visit, a suite-style hotel is ideal — and even better if the property has guest suites that face the ocean. There are a number of other specific attributes to check for online, or to call the hotel to inquire about. Here are some examples of things that will make your ocean view hotel visit even more pleasant.

Private Beach

Many ocean view hotels are so close to the water that they have a private beach for their guests' use. In many cases, you'll be able to walk directly out of a rear exit of the hotel and straight onto the sand. While it's true that you could simply find a beach nearby, it's handy to have this sandy attraction so close to the hotel — and it's a true perk for the beach to be exclusively for guests of the hotel. If you're visiting the city during a peak tourist season, the beaches may be highly congested, which could diminish your enjoyment. When you spend time on the hotel's private beach, meanwhile, you won't contend with this issue.

Seafood Restaurant

You should also look for an ocean view hotel that has an on-site seafood restaurant. While many hotels have restaurants, it's important to look for one that specializes in fare from the ocean. When you dine at such an establishment, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that your meals are as fresh as possible. In fact, some hotels with on-site seafood restaurants will advertise that they have partnerships with local fishermen and that they receive shipments of fish and shellfish daily.

Recreational Rentals

If you plan to enjoy the beach and ocean as much as possible during your visit, see if the hotel you're considering has a recreational rental department. Some hotels will allow guests to rent several types of recreational products to use on the water, including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and more. Renting these products directly from the hotel saves you the time and hassle of finding another business in the area, and you may even be eligible for lower-than-average rates because you're already a hotel guest.

For more information about oceanfront rooms on on the southern Oregon coast, talk with your travel agent.