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Why Having Your Wedding Reception On A Farm Is A Great Idea

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You may be in the midst of planning your wedding and are now considering where to have the wedding reception. Wedding reception venue choices can be one of the most difficult aspects of planning a wedding. For example, do you have both the ceremony and the reception at the same location? Should you look for a large venue or would a smaller one suit you better? Should the style you pick for your venue be rustic and rural or elegant?

There are several reasons why you should consider having your wedding reception on a farm. You might think that a farm is only suited to casual or rustic settings but that isn't true. You can have a very elegant wedding on a farm. Here are some reasons why picking this location for your wedding reception venue is a great idea.

They Offer Plenty Of Space

One thing that farms offer over most all other wedding reception venue choices is that they have plenty of space. Even if you find a smaller farm that you love, it will still offer you more space than a traditional wedding venue will in either a conference center or hotel. Instead of just one room that you can use, you will have the entire property.

Larger weddings require more space to accommodate the number of guests that will attend, and some farm or barn settings can hold hundreds of people comfortably. Many farms offer more than one barn or even other outbuildings that could be used for staging and food preparation, activities you have planned like games for the kids, or candy and treat bars, and more.

You can also use the outside area if you prefer an outside wedding or reception. You could even have a dance floor under the stars. Fortunately, many farms offer picturesque views that are great for photographs.

Perfect Location To Hold Both Ceremony And Reception

Unless you are set on a church wedding or have another venue in mind for your ceremony, a farm wedding reception venue can be the perfect location to hold both the ceremony and the reception.

Wedding reception venue choices can be limited in what they offer in terms of holding your ceremony. They typically must convert the same room from the ceremony into the reception venue within a short space of time. This means your guests must leave the room for some time while the staff sets up the space.

While some wedding reception venue choices do offer more than a single room to hold both your ceremony and reception in, a farm can be the easier choice because you could use the entire barn without having the staff change the look of the space to suit your reception from the ceremony. For more information, contact venues like Inn at Mountain View Farm.