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3 Ways To Use A Waterfront Hotel For Wedding Celebrations

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When you plan your wedding, the location plays an important part in the ceremony and celebration. As you look into all-inclusive wedding packages, some of the options may include a waterfront hotel. A waterfront hotel offers spectacular views, along with the ability to use the waterfront area for a wide range of wedding activities.

Along with a ceremony or reception, check out some ways to take advantage of the waterfront property for wedding celebrations and activities.

1. Romantic Dinners

Many waterfront hotel locations will include restaurants and fine dining options. Take your meals to go and enjoy a romantic dinner right on the beach. Some locations could have tables and chairs while others allow you to spread out a blanket and enjoy a nice picnic near the water.

Let moonlight and candlelight light up the area for a romantic dinner. The dinner is an ideal way to celebrate together before the wedding or could be your first meal together as a married couple. If you time the dinner right, then you and your partner can enjoy a beautiful sunset view and hear the ocean waves crash as you eat meals.

2. Photo Shoots

Waterfront areas offer beautiful options for wedding pictures. Before or after the wedding, you and your partner can walk the beach in your formal wear and pose together for professional photos. The water, horizon, and soft beach lighting provide an ideal backdrop for photos. 

The wide open space of a beach provides an ideal backdrop for larger family photos as well. Gather your family together for the large group photos. In the early morning, you have the opportunity to take pictures during the sunrise. The sunrise light creates a romantic soft glow on your pictures and allows you to capture photos you will remember for years to come.

3. Rocks & Shell Collections

As you walk on a waterfront, you and your partner can collect a wide range of rocks and shells. The rocks and shells make nice keepsakes to remember the wedding by. You could use some of the shells as centerpieces for reception tables. You could fill a mason jar with rocks and shells and keep the jar to commemorate your wedding celebration. 

As you collect items, look for a specific theme. For example, you could collect shells all of the same shape or rocks of all the same color. When you stay at a waterfront hotel, you have plenty of time to search and explore the area for items.

Consider all the waterfront benefits when you book wedding venue locations online. Contact a waterfront hotel that offers all-inclusive wedding packages to learn more.